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Flamingo 1.2.1介绍


Flamingo is a beautiful, native instant messaging client for OS X that supports Hangouts/Gtalk, Facebook, and XMPP.


• All-in-One design. Buddies, conversations, and chats in a single window.
• Multiple, detachable chats in a single window.
• Inline previews for images, videos, and tweets. Supports CloudApp, Droplr, Instagram, and YouTube.
• File transfer via direct connection (compatible with Messages, Adium, and other clients), CloudApp, and Droplr.
• Reply to messages right from the notification bubble in OS X 10.9.
• Full conversation history browser with fast message search and many filtering options.

NOTE: Due to service limitations, Flamingo does not support group, video, and audio chats in Facebook or Hangouts/Gtalk, and MUC (Multi User Chat) for XMPP is not supported.

More information can be found at flamingo.im.


Version 1.2.1:

• Fix for crash when running on OS X 10.8

Version 1.2:


• Start FaceTime calls from chats
• Inline image support for Dropbox share links
• Inline image support for images sent via Facebook
• Added support for manually entering XMPP server address/port
• Select and copy multiple chat messages
• Add preference toggle to allow self-signed SSL certificates


• Crash fixes
• Fixed HTML encoded characters in tweets
• Fixed chat field covering chat messages
• Respect user locale for date display
• Fix issues with Hangouts sign-in
• Fix chats not scrolling to the bottom when opening a conversation from the popover
• Fix window size not being restored correctly
• Fix incorrect handling of query parameters in image URLs
• Fix XMPP login/register window spinning forever without error


兼容性: OS X 10.8 或更高版本, 64 位处理器

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