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Sublime Text 3.3154介绍

Sublime Text是一个复杂的文本编辑器的代码,HTML和文本。你一定会喜欢简易的用户界面和非凡的功能。



Added tab scrolling, controlled by the enable_tab_scrolling setting
Added image preview when opening images
Encoding and line endings can be displayed in the status bar with the show_encoding and show_line_endings settings
Added settings caret_extra_top, caret_extra_bottom and caret_extra_width to control the caret size
Added index_exclude_patterns setting to control which files get indexed
Automatically closing windows when the last tab is dragged out
Changed tab close behavior: the neighboring tab is now always selected
When the last file is closed, a new transient file is created automatically
Ctrl+Tab ordering is stored in the session
Added minimap_scroll_to_clicked_text setting
Improved error messages when unable to save files
Auto complete now works as expected in macros
Minor improvements to Python syntax highlighting
Vintage: A block caret is now used
Vintage: Improved behavior of visual line mode with word wrapped lines
Find in Files will no longer block when FIFOs are encountered
Linux: Added menu hiding
Linux: Fixed incorrect handling of double clicks in the Find panel
Linux: Fixed incorrect underscore display in some menus
Posix: Fixed new files being created with unexpected permissions
Windows: SSE support is no longer required for 32 bit builds
API: Window.open_file now accepts an optional group parameter
API: Plugins may now call Settings.clear_on_change() within a callback from Settings.add_on_change()
API: Calling Settings.add_on_change() from within a settings change callback won't cause the added callback to be run


Mac OS X 10.7 或者更高

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