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Vinoteka 3.4.1介绍

Vinoteka 是一个酒窖管理工具,帮助提升葡萄酒酒窖的管理经验,在一个独特而华丽的界面显示酒瓶、酒窖、葡萄酒冰箱和品酒笔记,Vinoteka为Mac用户带来了最好的酒窖管理经验,并且支持和iPad、iPhone客户端同步。


Vinoteka is THE latest wine cellar management software. With the most gorgeous interface showing bottles, cellars, wine fridges and tasting notes, Vinoteka brings the best wine cellar management experience to Mac users. Vinoteka, other than being as intuitive as possible, is based on the latest OS X (10.6 to 10.9) technologies and is Retina display ready. Featuring the complete synchronization with the iPhone/iPad application Vinoteka Touch (with one or several devices), synchronize both applications via WIFI and transfer data to your iPhone/iPad in few clicks. Its very easy, it's secure, you can now carry your cellar in your pocket, have a look at it and modify it everywhere, any time.
Extremely easy and fun to use, Vinoteka offers a fantastic and realistic environment to manage your references, your bottles (wine, liquors, beers, etc.), recreate your cellar or wine fridge with the brand new WALL BUILDER, your tasting notes and add your own food and wine pairings. All new and existing powerful features of Vinoteka (large embedded database of appellations, countries, varietals, types of wines, shapes of bottles, more than 100 racks and shelves configurations, etc.) provide users with the most advanced technology in terms of wine management. The application comes with an embedded user guide, which is also available as a PDF document on our website.
IMPORTANT: Vinoteka synchronizes only with one or several Vinoteka Touch. The synchronization between several Vinoteka Macs (several computers) is currently not possible.


Minor bugs fixed


兼容性: OS X 10.6.6 或更高版本

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