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SecureCRT 8.5.2介绍






Dependent session option:

Link a session to an SSH2 session that it depends on, which allows connection to a jump host before connecting to other sessions.

Kermit support:

Support for the Kermit protocol provides an additional way to transfer files.

Button bar enhancements:

Press SHIFT+on a button to send a button bar command to all connected tabbed or tiled sessions.

New character send delay option:

A character send delay option to wait for a text prompt allows data to be sent as fast as the system can handle, rather than using a fixed time delay.

Integration with SecureFX for Mac and Linux:

With the availability of SecureFX for Mac and Linux, integration between SecureCRT and SecureFX on Mac and Linux is now possible



- Windows: The mechanism for making SecureCRT the default Telnet
application was changed to be compatible with Windows 10.

Bug fixes:

- If a button was mapped to send the current session to a new window
and the button was pressed while another session was being connected,
SecureCRT crashed.
- Keywords were sometimes not highlighted correctly if the remote text
contained a tab.
- With complex keyword lists, the same text could be highlighted
differently depending on how the data was received.
- In SFTP sessions, the mv command did not work when the destination
was a folder.
- Windows: If another application used a DLL called "python27.dll",
when SecureCRT started, a runtime error was reported.
- Windows: Recently uses sessions were not being shown in the Windows
Start menu or when the SecureCRT icon was clicked in the Windows
- Windows: If the global option "Only show tabs when there are more
than one" was set and a session was cloned and then closed and then
cloned again, the height of the SecureCRT window got smaller.
- Windows: When the session hierarchy contained a lot of nested folders
and the Session Manager was configured to auto hide, it opened very
- Mac/Linux: The initial window position specified in the session
options wasn't being honored.
- Mac/Linux: The command-line parameter /POS was not being honored.
- Mac: SecureCRT crashed when attempting to create a session with a
name containing Norwegian characters.
- Mac: Depending on how SecureCRT was launched, the font list in the
Session Options dialog could be empty.


Mac OS X 10.8+

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