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Paw 3.0.12介绍


Paw – The missing HTTP Client for OS X Easily craft your HTTP requests, try them, archive them. Setup HTTP Headers, URL parameters, form-encoded POST key-values or text. Get easy-to-read responses with well formatted headers and body. Learn more about Paw: * Smart Autocompletion: Paw has a rich database of HTTP headers, and it learns from your entries for URLs, headers, URL parameters and Form-Encoded or Multipart body. It also suggests Dynamic Values such as OAuth, HTTP Basic Auth, Cookies... For most of preset completions, get a tip on how to use them. * Order and sort requests: create groups to make requests together if it makes sense, or trust Paw and automatically group requests by Host, Response Status Code or HTTP Verb/Method - you can also sort requests by name, URL, etc. * Response Formatting: responses are automatically formatted, and colored (JSON, XML, HTML, RSS...). * Simply write your URL: Paw colors it to make it more readable, and parses the parameters as a key-value table. Or enter parameters in the table, it will add them to the URL. * Code generation: it sounds like many users loved the copy/paste to cURL feature of Paw 1, so it's has been extended and now can generate native Objective-C (using either NSURLConnection or AFNetworking), Python, Ruby, jQuery with Ajax or PHP. * Dynamic Values make your requests smarter, you can ask Paw to compute OAuth 1 or Amazon S3 signatures, generate a nonce for you, parse the JSON/XML response from another request to reuse a value from it, and much more dynamic possibilities. * Warnings: now won't leave you alone in the wild, if you make something obviously wrong or strange, it will warn you and often suggest some way to fix the issue (for example, if you send a body in a GET request, it will suggest to change it to POST) * Keyboard Shortcuts: Don't waste time anymore with mouse, Paw is build with a few easy-to-learn shortcuts to save your time.


New in Paw 2.0.9:
* Fixed connection problems when a service is only accessible through IPv6 while DNS returns also an IPv4 address (e.g. the local PHP test server only accept IPv6 by default, while often "localhost" is configured for both IPv4 and IPv6 ::1). If you were experiencing issues to connect to a local server, this should fix the issue.
* Fixed IPv6 addresses parsing (e.g. http://[::1]:8000)
New in Paw 2.0.7:
* New Features
* Support for paw:// URLs (documentation will come soon)
* Sounds effects are now disabled by default
* Improved Duplicate requests to keep them in the same parent
* Bug Fixes
* Fixed a major bug in Form URL-Encoded Body that shows (null) for fields containing non-alphanumeric characters
* Fixed another major bug that removes the selection after deleting a request which made the app inusable in some cases
* Fixed the crash report mechanism to not reopen windows until the crash report window is shown, and prompt the user before reopening unsaved documents to prevent crashing again and again
* Fixed a crash when a Header name finished by a backslash
* Fixed many other crashes
New in Paw 2.0.6:
* UI Improvements
* Paw now remembers exactly where you left each document: which Request was selected, which tab or Response Body Text, which groups were expanded in the Request List, whether you enabled “Arrange By” and “Order By”, if the Code Generation Inspector was expanded…
* New JSON pretty-printer: now keeps the original order of dict keys, fixes the display bug for floats and long integers, and adds many formatting options in the Preferences
* Added an alert when changing the Request Body Type will be destructive
* Improved the Preferences window
* The Response Status Code and name of the request are now displayed in the system notification
* Fixed bug that made Paw abnormally use CPU when idle
* Fixed a UI bug in the Request Body view
* Fixed crash on OS X 10.7 Lion when Deleting All Responses
* Fixed crash when invalid characters such as double-quotes are in the URL host
* HTTP Improvements
* The HTTP Library “GCD AsyncSocket” now supports HTTP / HTTPS proxies and Paw can now override the system proxy settings
* Content-Type header will be automatically sent (if no Content-Type header is set in the Request)
* Automatically encoded with percent-escapes forbidden characters in URLs (like spaces), and also URL encodes the result of Dynamic Values when present in the URL / URL Params
* Paw will ignore the request body for HTTP methods that don’t support it (GET, HEAD, DELETE…), there is an option to send it anyways
* Content-Length header is now always sent for POST, PUT, PATCH, etc. even if the body is empty
* Support for arbitrary HTTP verbs
* Improvements in Dynamic Values
* Allowed backslash escapes in path for Response Parsed Body Dynamic Value
* Fixed Amazon S3 Signatures when having "Query String Argument of Interests” (URL Parameters that must be included in the String to Sign)
* Improvements in Code Generation
* Fixed bug in cURL Code Generation when the Request Body contains new lines and tabs
* Fixed bug in cURL Code Generation that didn’t escape quotes when present in the Headers
* Fixed bug in Python Code Generation that misses trailing slashes in the URL
* Lastly, a Crash Report mechanism was added: if Paw crashes, you’ll be prompted to send the crash report. This will make Paw even better in the future!


兼容性: OS X 10.8 或更高版本, 64 位处理器

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