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Instacast 1.2.5介绍

Instacast 是一款 Podcast 播客订阅管理工具,可集中管理订阅的所有播客,自动下载最新内容并可与 iCloud 同步播客订阅、下载和播放状态。与重型 iTunes 相比操作简便,响应速度也快。 和移动版一样,Mac 版的 Instacast 集合了节目管理,下载,播放,节目搜索(via FEED URL),节目分享等功能,支持 Airplay 和全屏使用。


Managing a large collection of podcasts is easy with Instacast. Browse the online directory, import your subscriptions, customize settings for individual podcasts, sort episodes into different playlists and find exactly what you're looking for in just a few clicks. Gone are the days of being overwhelmed by an unorganized library of podcast subscriptions!

Playing episodes is now easier and more intuitive than ever. With only two clicks you can queue an episode for playback, and Instacast's multitude of options for controlling playback ensures that you're always in control of your podcasts whatever you're doing on your computer.

Download and save episodes for offline playback and quickly share them with other devices. With Instacast you have access to your computer's storage to save episodes and, unlike on iOS devices, don't have to keep deleting podcasts to free up space.

Instacast does more than just play podcasts: it also allows you to interact with episodes via show notes and it also has the ability to share episodes to a number of other services.

Automatically synchronize your podcast library between devices with Instacast Cloud – our custom cloud-sync solution.


* Added auto-delete media files over Cloud Sync
* Improved Instacast Cloud support
* Fixed some syncing issues
* Fixed problems with partly loaded images
* Added support for
* Improved error handling
* Improved startup time


兼容性: OS X 10.8 或更高版本, 64 位处理器

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