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LilyView 1.1介绍


LilyView is a lightweight, Mutli-Touch friendly image viewer that’s handy and doesn’t get in your way.
• Lightweight. There’s no image library to load, you just browse images in a folder.
• Chromeless. No controls are visible until they are really necessary.
• Multi-Touch friendly. You can literally touch the image when using a trackpad, but LilyView works just fine with keyboard and mouse.
And it's only the beginning…


- New design with even less chrome, matching the new OS style.
- Display of image metadata, such as image size and type.
- Quick zoom to 1:1 mode (press Opt key and move mouse to pan).
- Support for Philips HUE for ambient lighting depending on the viewed image (
- Support for Leap Motion sensor for swiping, scrolling, rotating and zooming images by moving hands in the air (
- Support for Lightpack for ambient lighting depending on the viewed image (
- Lots of bug fixes and improvements.


兼容性: OS X 10.7 或更高版本, 64 位处理器

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